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Race ally training: leveraging white allyship at work

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Non-white communities are the victims of everyday racism, but racism itself is not an issue which black communities can and should have to shoulder. To address the root causes of everyday racism, and issues of race equality in the workplace, organisations should engage their white colleagues as allies and agents of change.  

What does our white allyship training involve?

This programme utilises a wide range of inclusive learning techniques and material, from videos, written case studies, small group discussions, whole group discussion, individual reflection and peer to peer coaching. It is important that a range of learning styles are utilised if we are to ensure participants take the time to “learn, think and act” on workplace inclusion. This ensures maximum participation in a way that is truly engaging and fully inclusive. 


We also recognise that any race inclusion programme is most effective when it responds to the practical, day-to-day issues that organisations face. This means reflecting back the culture of our client organisations through the use of language and examples which resonate. Thus, our programme encourages open and honest conversation using a “guided facilitation” method, and by creating a programme that: 

  • Is innovate in design 
  • Is truly participative in application  
  • Holds up a mirror to your existing culture  
  • Offers very practical solutions, tips and tools on how to a create a race inclusive organisation 

Learning outcomes

By the end of the training course, participants should expect to understand:

The concept of white privilege
The four stages of effective allyship
What being an ally really means, and how allies think and act
How to actively listen and learn to speak up for others
How you can move from a “colour blind” to a “colour brave” approach
Belonging, and the importance of psychological safety

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