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Authentic leadership training

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In the evolving landscape of leadership, the importance of authenticity is more profound than ever. Leading with an authentic, individual style helps to build trust and credibility, as authentic leaders are true to themselves and emanate sincerity. As a result, leaders can benefit from enhanced employee engagement, a more inspired and creative workforce, and enhanced employee wellbeing. Ultimately, authentic leadership drives long-term organisational success.

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What does our authentic leadership training involve?

Our authentic leadership training programme is designed to highlight the critical role of authenticity in leadership, in order to foster a truly inclusive and diverse organisational culture.

Our authentic leadership development course explores the risks of copy-cat leadership styles, and discusses why individual, personalised styles are the key to a successful organisational culture.

Our expert consultants will guide leaders towards a better understanding of what an authentic leader looks like and encourage them towards a transformative shift in their thought processes and actions.

Just as leadership styles should be authentic, our programme does not follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Our approach is tailored to the unique context of each participant and organisation, offering insightful discussions to provide leaders with heightened awareness of their own leadership methods, and actionable steps towards becoming an authentic and inclusive leader.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, participants should have an improved insight into their own leadership style and hold insight into how their current – and improved, future leadership style – can influence their employees and organisation overall.

Our programme aims to transform the way leaders think and act, by asking a set of critical questions:

What kind of leader are you?
What type of organisational culture do you work in?
What gives you the right to lead others?
Why should anyone work for you and not your competitor?
What’s the relationship between authenticity and performance?
Why should people trust you?

Our specialist DE&I consultants are ready to help.

Find out more about our authentic leadership training programme by getting in touch with us today.