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Inclusive leadership training

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As the global corporate landscape continues to evolve, adopting an inclusive leadership style is no longer just a buzzword; it is a necessity. Inclusive leadership is essential for fostering diverse, innovative and engaged teams. Leaders who embrace inclusivity contribute to an environment where every voice is valued, leading to more collaboration, employee happiness and organisational success.

Our inclusive leadership training aims to provide leaders with the competencies and confidence needed to drive meaningful change within their organisations. ‍Our consultants have collectively spent over two decades understanding the concept though research, and by extensively engaging with global business leaders to help to develop a world-class framework.

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What does our inclusive leadership training involve?

Our interactive training programme offers practical steps on how to be an inclusive leader. It challenges leaders to reflect on their own leadership styles, building awareness of bias, encouraging effective communication and channelling empathy to appreciate different perspectives.

The programme is supported by the Implicit Association Test (IAT): a psychological tool which measures the speed of association between concepts, thereby measuring implicit biases. In addition, the programme is provided in conjunction with our world-class inclusive leadership assessment tool.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, participants can expect to understand the answers to the following questions:

Inclusive leadership
What is inclusive leadership and how does it differ from other styles of leadership?
Bias influence
How do cognitive and social biases influence leadership behaviour and decision-making?
Unconscious contribution
How do leaders unconsciously contribute to the exclusion or inclusion of specific groups?
Imposter syndrome
What is the psychological and business damage of ‘covering’ and imposter syndrome at work?
What are the positive effects of inclusive leadership on individual and group decision-making?
Employee engagement
What are the positive effects of inclusive leadership on employee engagement, motivation and team performance?
Global mindset
How does inclusive leadership contribute to developing a global mindset?
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