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Respect definition: what does respect mean?

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Respect definition

Respect is the act of treating others with gratitude and dignity, or expressing appreciation for their characteristics. In the workplace, respect for others should be expected regardless of one's own feelings towards another person. 

All employees, regardless of seniority, need to understand the value of respect in the workplace. Building a respectful workplace is essential to creating a positive work atmosphere. When there is mutual respect among coworkers, everyone feels appreciated for their accomplishments, skills, and attributes.  

According to a Harvard Business Review survey involving 20,000 workers, the most influential behaviour that fosters increased dedication and involvement is respect. Respect and value are important factors in creating a healthy work environment where motivated individuals are happy, devoted and driven to give their all. Workers who don't treat people with respect are unprofessional and a risk to the prosperity and wellbeing of their organisation. 

Real-world context

  • Innovation: Respecting your coworkers means asking for their thoughts on a range of topics and challenges because you value their viewpoints. This might result in more inventive solutions and more teamwork, which would be advantageous to the company as a whole. 

  • Performance: Project completion times can also be accelerated, and efficiency levels raised. Every new project presents a chance for employees to grow as a team and as individuals by providing a platform for mutual learning. This could result in cross-training between various departments within your organisation, all based on an environment of respect for one another at work.
  • Fair working environment: Regardless of their background, giving employees the chance to demonstrate their knowledge and skills is one of the most valuable things you can give as an employer. Favouritism is avoided in a respectful environment, allowing everyone the chance to express their opinions. This is effective as it allows a variety of employees to take part, irrespective of their age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability. Respect ensures that all workers feel equal and that all ideas, regardless of origin, are valued. When employees have the chance to participate fairly, they can thrive in polite environments. 

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