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Take5 rapid review: Policy review and business guidance

Our Take5 (T5) Rapid Review and Audit has been designed to offer immediate insight, advice and guidance on business policies, procedures and operations specifically with a diversity and inclusion lens.

The review, which is conducted over five days, is guided by our specialist team of FAIRER experts. To conclude the review, our consultants will present you with a tailored report which details practical next steps towards improvement.

Our T5 audit is designed to review and provide immediate feedback, covering a range of business decision-making areas, including:

  • Your organisation’s end-to-end recruitment process
  • Your organisation’s performance management framework
  • Your talent management reviews
  • Your employee engagement initiatives and methods
  • Your internal or external communications

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Our review method

Agreement of outcomes
Agree what is to be achieved over the five-day review period improvements.
Desktop review
Review of the policies, processes or programmes under audit and other necessary desktop analysis.
This involves conducting one-to-one interviews with relevant and diverse stakeholders. Depending on the review in question this could involve internal and/or external stakeholders.
Focus groups
We conduct a series of focus groups to ensure you receive a 360-degree view from a diverse range of perspectives.
Report and findings
At the end of day five, we will present a report summarising our key findings together with our five key recommendations for most impactful improvements.

The key benefits of the Take5 rapid review include:

  • Rapid feedback into an existing policy or decision-making framework, allowing for immediate change before key decisions are made
  • A cost-effective and time-efficient method for reviewing either a specific policy or a decision-making framework.

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