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Promoting diversity in leadership

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Discover how we helped a global professional services firm encourage more females and ethnic minority candidates to pursue internal leadership roles. We crafted a future leadership programme, through the lens of enhancing racial inclusion, to support these underrepresented groups, as well as a supplementary programme geared towards managers and sponsors. Read on to discover our methodology and the outcome so far. 

500 Participants
91% Rated our facilitator 4*+
84% Rated our programme 4*+
9-month Programme

The challenge

Our client, a global professional services firm, wanted to increase the leadership pipeline of female and ethnic minority internal candidates. They approached us to craft a tailored strategy to help them achieve this goal.

What we did

FAIRER Consulting was appointed to support the firm in designing and delivering a future leader programme for 500 ethnic minority and female participants, their sponsors and their line managers.

We developed a nine-month programme, consisting of three highly engaging core modules for participants:

  • 01 Personal insights
  • 02 Navigating the landscape
  • 03 Sustainable leadership

Module 1: Personal insights

Personal insights – developing self-awareness, identifying skill gaps and strengths

  • Understand your leadership style
  • Exploring your core values, drivers, and motivations
  • Authentic leadership and emotional agility in a hybrid work environment 
  • Learning how to leverage opportunity through authentic leadership
  • Navigating the complexities of imposter syndrome 
  • Building personal leadership skills

Module 2: Navigating the landscape

Navigating the landscape – understanding challenges to progression

  • Exploring how differences are interpreted 
  • Exploring how to navigate a highly networked culture
  • The pros and cons of ‘code switching’ at work
  • Considering the organisational culture and opportunities to success
  • Developing a personalised network

Module 3: Sustainable leadership

Sustainable leadership – setting direction and putting in place tailored development action plans

  • Refining the leadership vision and development plan
  • Amplifying your voice for business impact
  • Unveiling the career advice you were never given
  • Maintaining momentum by managing your energy

The core modules were supported by a selection of 60-minute elective modules, focusing on specific topics aligned to the core modules, such as:

  • Career planning - clarifying personal ambition, drive and purpose
  • Creating and owning your personal, authentic brand 
  • Creating impact and presence with a unique leadership style 
  • Being an authentic leader
  • Communicating like a leader
  • Leading in uncertain times

We also designed a complementary programme for sponsors and people leaders designed to help them support the participant journey. This supplementary programme included the following modules:

  • Understanding difference
  • Emotional intelligence and vulnerability
  • Leadership sustainability

The impact

This programme is ongoing but based on current feedback:

  • 84% of participants rated the programme as 4 or 5 stars
  • 91% rated the facilitators as 4 or 5 stars (from a maximum score of 5 stars)

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