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Webinar: Addressing the gender pay gap

Date: 07-03-24
Time: 2:30pm – 3:30pm UTC
Location: Virtual (Zoom)

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Join us for a discussion on fairer pay, the gender pay gap and what practical actions organisations can implement to enact real pay equity. 

We will discuss the nuances of pay equality, equity and empowerment, as well as looking at the gender pay gap at a local and national level. You will learn about the various legislation around pay transparency and equal pay, global trends and finally how your organisation can mitigate the gap.   

Agenda & Learning Outcomes

The session will cover each of the following:

Equality, equity & empowerment
The webinar will begin by discussing the differences between equality, equity and empowerment, and the interplay between these concepts.
The global gender pay gap
We will explore how the pay gap differs around the world, and why?  What learnings can we take from different regions to close our local pay gap?
Pay gap report
There will be an interactive discussion on the key takeaways and figures behind the pay gap reports, and the main challenges they present.
How can we mitigate the pay gap?
We will provide actionable next steps for workplaces to help close their own pay gaps and work towards pay equity.

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