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Conscious inclusion training

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Many organisations around the world have invested in unconscious bias training, but without a shift in culture, perspective and action, businesses fail to leverage the full potential of these trainings. By unveiling hidden prejudices and becoming more consciously inclusive, organisations can foster a more equitable environment, enhancing collaboration and innovation.


What does our conscious inclusion training involve?

In our first unconscious bias training, we covered the basics of implicit bias in the workplace. In this secondary session, we discuss the actionable steps required to move the dial towards actively mitigating bias.

Founded in the realm of behavioural science, our follow-up unconscious bias training seeks to shift the inclusion agenda forward, putting theory into practice, and focusing on conscious inclusion for measurable results. 

This secondary training focuses on redesigning business systems and processes. By addressing the system, we can mitigate bias and take steps towards inclusivity at a fundamental, institutional level for long-lasting and positive behavioural change.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the programme, participants can expect to understand:

The impact of unconscious bias on decision-making
The definition of behavioural design
What actually works to mitigate bias, sorting fact from fiction
How behavioural design plays out in talent management
Behavioural design in recruitment, performance management and other people-management areas
The role of business norms and the impact on cultural change

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