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Webinar: Best practices for ERGs and staff networks

Date: 04-06-24
Time: 4pm – 5:30pm BST
Location: Virtual (Zoom)

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What are employee resource groups (ERGs), what value do they bring to organisations and what are their benefits and limits? Consultant Barry Boffy explores how organisations can – and should – leverage ERGs to strengthen business strategy, build inclusivity and engage workplace communities.

In this 90-minute webinar, you will learn how to measure the effectiveness of your ERGs and explore how to leverage them as an integral part of your organisation, drawing upon diverse strengths and perspectives and learning how to build those into your business strategy. 

Agenda & Learning Outcomes

The session will cover each of the following:

What are ERGs?
And what are they not? We will explore the different types of set-ups for staff networks and what they need to operate effectively
The value and disadvantages of ERGs 
We discuss how to strike the balance between creating safe spaces for minoritised groups while avoiding further segregation
Why should you be part of an ERG?
We explore why employees should participate in ERG initiatives, and how to encourage engagement when the responsibilities lie outside of the day job
How to measure the effectiveness of ERGs
We discuss key metrics and KPIs for establishing the effectiveness of ERGs, ensuring these metrics align with business goals

Our Speakers at the Event

Meet our specialist who will be delivering this virtual webinar.

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