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Managing bullying at work

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Bullying at work is an abrasive force that requires strict management from business leaders. Its detrimental effects on employees and workplace culture cannot be ignored. Aside from the initial impact on wellbeing, self-esteem and confidence, bullying chips away at trust, collaboration and overall job satisfaction within the workplace.  

Business leaders must therefore be prompt in addressing claims of bullying to mitigate long-term damage on organisational and individual employee morale. In proactively managing workplace bullying, organisations can create clear procedures and policies that protect and support victims of bullying, and emanate the message that bullying is not tolerated. 

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What does our training on bullying in the workplace involve?

This training programme focuses on how to effectively manage bully and harassment in the workplace. We are keen to move the focus away from why the victim didn’t speak up, and instead focus on the responsibility and motives of the bully. 

We will explore the fundamental issues of power and abuse, delving into the mindset of the bully, and offering practical advice on what businesses can do to address and prevent bullying. 

Learning outcomes

By the end of the programme, participants can expect to understand:

The meaning of bullying and harassment in the workplace and its key principles
The mindset of the bully, as a form of power or entitlement
The psychological impact of bullying and harassment
Why organisations and colleagues turn a blind eye to bullying
How to deal with bullying and harassment

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