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Inclusive workplace culture assessment

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FAIRER Consulting seeks to redefine workplace culture through our research-led approach. Our approach goes beyond box-ticking – it’s founded in behavioural science and underpinned by data-led methodologies for outcomes that really make a difference.

We have created a gold-standard workplace culture assessment to review the culture of inclusiveness within your workplace, providing organisations with practical action points which are proven to have a positive impact on the attraction and retention of diverse talent and the creation of a more inclusive workplace.

Our self-assessment workplace culture quiz is designed to help organisations identify areas of strength, as well as challenges and gaps in current activity. On completion you will receive your organisation's inclusivity score and will be invited to enrol in a follow-up coaching session with one of our expert DE&I consultants.

In your bespoke consultation, our consultant will provide you with personalised and practical next steps and provide guidance towards cultivating long-term inclusivity in the workplace.

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Training spotlight: Inclusive leadership training

Transform your organisation, enhance empathy, foster diversity and empower your employees’ voices with our inclusive leadership training to.

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